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i-Risk Network Security and Vulnerability Assessment

Why should you be concerned about Cyber Security if you are a local small to medium sized business? Because it can cost you greatly. It can cost the price of your business. This is a growing threat to small businesses and anyone using the internet on their electronic device- mobile or stationary. Many small-midsize businesses are only starting to realize how attractive they are to cyber criminals. In addition- cyber criminals are realizing how easy it is to exploit the small business. “More than half (54 percent) of all cyber attacks result in financial damages of more than US$500,000…” according to a 2018 Cisco Securities Study.

Would your business remain profitable if you permanently lost access to essential business data or it was stolen from you? This is something that Yotbit would like to help you address. There are many layers to cyber security. If you have already worked with us you know we recommend several solutions to aid in keeping your network secure.

The increasing threat of a cyber-attack is looming closer and closer to home. It is time to be thinking about the next layer as the reality of a breach is very real and evident in the work we are currently doing here at Yotbit. We are pleased to assist you with our Network Security Assessment. We must be clear that this is not a deliberate effort for scare tactics. This is a reality we are seeing increasingly every day with our clients and to small businesses everywhere. It is cause for concern and should be taken seriously.

This assessment will help to identify access to vulnerable data like credit cards, bank accounts, and Social Security numbers accessible on your systems. It will also identify the avenues that your system(s) could be breached or exploited by malicious activity. With this information we are able to develop a report that outlines these areas of risk. From here- we are able to assist with mitigation and provide additional reporting to verify the risk has been reduced or eliminated.

The assessment can scan the following items:

  • Servers – Your network server is probably the most critical part of your business, and should be scanned as it poses the greatest security risk to your network. Often times servers contain email backups, compressed or archived files, and critical company files that are shared through the network.
  • Workstations\Laptops – Whether they are on the network or out in the field these devices are crucial to your operations and getting things done. Often times users save data to their local hard drive to work on offline. This can pose a threat to your company’s network and technology assets.
  • Mobile Devices – Mobile devices are often overlooked but can also pose a significant risk to a data breach or sensitive information.

This assessment Includes:

  • Up to 1-Hour initial discussion on focus and concerns
  • Onsite visit to install i-Monitor and Assessment tool on each device
  •  Configure Standard or Customized scans to analyze risk and vulnerabilities within network
  • Run scans and compile data
  • Translate data and summarize into Executive Summary
  • A summarized or detailed report of all identified risks and vulnerabilities found in your network
  • Up to 1-Hour scheduled meeting to explain and address results and concerns. This meeting will also include developing a plan for mitigation of risk and vulnerabilities.

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