Digital Data Storage

YOTbit is about you!Secure Fort Collins Digital Data Storage and Archiving Solutions

YOTbit manages the data you already have and helps you put in place an architectural plan to keep your digital data storage organized and safe.

Many companies just store documents, images, databases and backups on their servers and never actually clean and archive unneeded items. With YOTbit we can deploy the tools to help employees stay organized, helping you grow your business efficiently through employee productivity.

Digital data storage has become excessive. It increases in drive capacity have allowed people to just keep storing data even if it has no value, causing businesses to spend money on more cloud storage or larger drives and even premature equipment replacements/upgrades. Keeping unwanted data also impacts performance of backups and internet connectivity if a cloud service is used.

These storage places have basically become your monthly storage unit, just like a homeowner who runs out of space. Why pay for a larger unit than you actually need, when all you need to do is basic housekeeping and organization? The problem is most people don’t know where to start….

YOTbit is your starting point, contact us to find out how we can help you with Fort Collins digital data storage!