Secure Digital Archiving

How safe is your data? Secure digital Archiving from Yotbit. We YOTbit manages the data you already have and helps you put in place an architectural plan to keep your data organized and safe.

Secure Digital Archiving by YOTbit, puts you back in control of your data. And no more worries about changing backup media or finding several devices to store your data. With YOTbit, one Network attached device can handle all of your Secure Digital Archiving. And finally backup your needs. Furthermore with advanced technology, YOTbit can get your data under control. YOTbit contributes to manage your info properly and securely.

Do you have any secure archives of your critical business data? Is all your live data current?

Secure Digital Archiving  is a vital process of any business. It preserves data for several years has become harder to achieve, costing companies millions in unneeded hardware and storage upgrades. Proper archiving allows your servers and cloud services to stay clutter free. Digital Secure Archiving is also a way to speed up employee productivity while collaborating, by removing old/stale data which is no longer used. YOTbit especially can analyze that data and come up with a solution to fit your business needs.

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Our Data Management systems have been used and proven to provide unparalleled protection. And therefore our services convenience to meet your storage needs.