What is Architectural Data Planning?


Architectural data planning provides organization for your digital storage

Architectural data planning by YOTbit allows us to help you be more efficient and productive through digital organization. With standardized storage procedures and conventions, YOTbit can streamline your storage requirements. And allow employees to access the data they need when they need it.

By simplifying the storage organization, YOTbit can help your business avoid the pitfalls of storing data everywhere. Without architectural data structures , valuable data can be lost, due to backups not accessing the proper live data.

Most businesses start out as very small businesses with employees storing documents on their individual computers. Eventually they migrate to more of a server or shared storage. So that employees can access the same documents from multiple locations. As the business grows these shared drives become very cluttered and unorganized. But with YOTbit we can get your data re-organized into a standard format, making your business processes smoother though file structure efficiency.

With YOTbit architectural data planning, find what you need faster…