Frequently Asked Questions and AnswersFrequently asked questions fort collins data storage solutions

What is YOTbit?

YOTbit is a storage and data consulting company, specializing in archiving and data preservation, with an emphasis on structure and organization of Digital information. The word YOTbit is our abbreviation for Yottabyte, basically meaning a lot of data!

How Long does it take to do an initial analysis of our data?

After an initial one-hour consultation meeting. YOTbit arranges an onsite visit by one of our digital technicians to collect information on data storage sizes and structure with our proprietary YOTbit tools. our technicins do not install any software to do our scanning, all scanning is done with our portable YOTbit tools. Once the necessary equipment has been scanned we compile reports based on those findings and schedule a time to go thru our findings and the solution we recommend. Therefore the actual time to complete the process is dependent on the client. Our usual turn around times for reporting is 7-10 business days.

What are the costs associated with an analysis?

The costs are dependent on the number of devices on the network. We base our pricing on data sizes and number of devices, so it varies for each client.

What are the costs of a secure digital archiving system?

Digital Archiving is done with a Network attached device, the price of the hardware is dependent on the size of data you are storing. The device must have enough storage for long retention, the price varies for each client. YOTbit will make a recommendation after analysis to determine the appropriate storage based on data and security.

Why should I use YOTbit?

We know what we are doing when it comes to storage and data archiving, each of our technicians has extensive knowledge of networking technology, and have developed network/data/backup solutions for businesses for the last 17 years. All data and information is kept to the strictest of confidentially, and a confidentiality agreement will be provided prior to working with your business . Your security is the most important part of our job!